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Flat Iron Steak Tacos with Papaya Pummello Salsa

Close-up of a taco
That’s right, you’ve never heard of Pummello, but this tropical fruit can be substituted with Grapefruit. The salsa is sweet and slightly bitter, and with Mixed Peppers it completes the dish.

This was inspired by an episode of Dinner Impossible where Chef Irvine had to cook with primarily ingredients he had never used.

The papaya mellows out the bitterness of the pummello. Pummello is a large fleshy fruit that’s similar to a grapefruit, but a little sweeter. Papaya is a weird fruit that’s sweet, but a little bland with a mango texture and more of a melon flavor. Together they make a nice balance, the wine, vinegar, and lime create a strong acidity; the brown sugar and bell peppers add sweetness. It was an awesome taco, and I hope you like it!