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Salmon Sauté Recipe

flickr image by adactio
1  tbs    olive oil
6  4-oz salmon fillets or steaks
2  cloves garlic, minced
½         red onion, chopped
4 plum tomatoes, chopped
3 tbs     fresh basil, chopped (1 ½ tbs dried)
1 tbs     capers
Fresh ground pepper, to taste

  • Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet.
  • Sauté the salmon on each side for two to three minutes.
  • Remove fish from skillet and add garlic, onion and tomatoes.
  • Sauté for two minutes or until vegetables are tender. Add salmon, basil, capers and pepper;
  • cover and cook over low heat for 20 minutes or until salmon is done to taste.

Serves 6
Per serving: 170 calories; 26-percent fat, 52-percent protein, 22-percent carbohydrate.