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How to Make Yogurt At Home

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The greatest use of milk, whether it's coming from the cow or goat, is to turn it into yogurt, except, naturally, for an infant that cannot get enough milk at its mother's breast. Yogurt is readily digestible, and the beneficial bacteria in it reproduce at body temperature, creating B vitamins and overcoming a lot of mild stomach upsets. Yogurt is particularly important to rejuvenate intestinal flora after use of antibiotics. It can be consumed plain or with fruit or honey. It could be used in place of sour cream dressing for a lot of uses. Granola and yogurt go great together.

How to make your own yogurt:

1 quart fresh milk
3 tablespoons or more of yogurt

Make sure all utensils are scalded. Heat the milk to scalding. Cool to lukewarm. Mix in a little non-instant milk powder if thicker yogurt is desired (optional). Stir yogurt into the lukewarm milk. Pour the mixture into scalded glasses or jars. Place jars in huge pan of warm water. Maintain at about 110 degrees for 3 to 5 hours till the new yogurt thickens. Refrigerate until used.

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