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A Sensational Summer Fruit Salsa

The salsa is a healthy, easy to prepare, low-fat side dish packed with delicious and bold flavors that can go with your snack or meal. This Latin-American dish is gaining popularity even with chefs worldwide. Many variations are being created producing new and different combinations of fruits, vegetables, and spices to create salsas that create an array of flavors that awaken the senses. The salsa can be used as delicious dips and tasty toppings. With summer’s bounty of fruits and vegetables, it is the time to take advantage of what nature has in store.
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Because salsas use fresh ingredients, they have a certain punch of their own.  Use oranges, pineapples, and mangoes to supply the intense yet sweet flavor.

Add some crunch.
Texture adds allure to salsa.  Add in some cool cucumbers, crisp red and green peppers, refreshing celery, zesty radishes, and nutty jicama to add a bit of crunch.

Balance with tartness.
Balance the sweetness of the fruit by using acidic ingredients, such as vinegars and tomatillos.  To invigorate and enhance the flavors of the other ingredients, add a little lime or lemond juice.

Spice it up.
Hot red peppers, smoky chipotles, onions, garlic and chili powder give salsa the zing that distinguishes it from a humdrum fruit salad.  With a little “heat,” the salsa becomes a flavorful condiment.

Serve and enjoy!
However you like it, tangy, hot, or sweet, salsa can complement almost any meal imaginable.

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