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Pacific Northwest Ice Wine

While it is a known fact that various types of wine can be bought at any wine store, one of the rarest is the ice wine. Ice wine is a very rare type of wine, that is can only be produced under specified types of temperature conditions. Ice wine is principally produced in the Pacific Northwest region, where the weather conditions are perfect for this type of wine.

To produce the ice wine, only the finest qualities of grapes are chosen. Because of its scarcity, the quantity produced is very small. This makes the product extremely rare. The price is so expensive that only a prosperous few are able to buy the wine.

Comparable to the bliss of owning a diamond, experiencing a drink of ice wine is something that a lot of of us may only hope and dream of at some point in our lives. Apart from the rarity of the ingredients, even more crucial are the weather conditions in the production of this wine. Once the correct weather conditions arrive, the wine maker gets himslef ready to produce this very rare and priceless wine.

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The primary requirements needed to create ice wine are fully ripened grapes and a 5 degrees C. temperature which needs to be maintained for several days until the wine maker completes the wine-making process. During these extremely cold temperatures, when grapes have frozen, the wine maker and his assistants hand picked them at night.

Full vine grapes are needed in order to produce a bottle of ice wine. After the grapes are collected, they are pressed gently, in order to gather the running juice only. As the temperature produces the frozen water crystals, fermented along with particles and sugars that are present in the free running juices the marvelous and rare ice wine is created.

If you have been wishing to try ice wine, obtaining it may be quite difficult. Most wine stores don’t have this in stock. It can be difficult to find it online as well, unless you are lucky enough to chance upon it at the right time. It can easily cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars for just a single bottle.

If you are really serious to acquire ice wine, it is best to find the right winery in the Pacific Northwest region. Although the bottles may run out of stock extremely fast once they have been made, you may possibly meet a wine maker with a few on hand. Just be prepared to spend a hefty sum though. Extremely expensive and very difficult to find - just the mere taste of ice wine makes it well worth every penny and effort.

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