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How to Choose The Right Chopping Board

The Chopping Board is a tool you use in the kitchen for cutting, chopping, and preparing food on.

When buying a new board, there are lots of selections to choose from – wood, plastic, marble, and glass. And it can sometimes be confusing.
OXO Good Grips Cutting Board, Blace 7.5-inch by 10.5-inch

Marble and glass and cutting boards may look nice but they dull your knives faster. The hard surface can also damage its edge. It is best to use the glass and marble boards only for serving food.
White Marble 18" Pastry Board
When it concerns wood and plastic boards, even experts have differing opinions as to which one is best. It boils down a person’s to personal preference.
Acacia Thanksgiving Turkey / Roasted Meat Cutting and Serving BoardMountain Woods 15-by-12-Inch Butcher Block Cutting Board

Wooden boards are typically heavier and have a lesser tendency to slip. They also look more attractive that’swhy they can be used to serve food. Plastic boards on the other hand, weigh lighter, come in different colors, and some are dishwasher safe.
Ironwood Gourmet 28218 Acacia-Wood End-Grain 14-Inch Chef's Board
Whatever chopping board you use, it is a must that you clean it well. Bacteria can easily breed on your board and may even cause food poisoning. Make sure to scrub your chopping board very well with hot water and detergent after every use. Let it dry thoroughly before using it again. Having more than one board is ideal in order to avoid cross contamination of the food. Use a separate one for raw meats and a different one for other type of foods.
 Safe4All(TM) Four Color Coded Cutting Boards with Storage Case
Some have color-coded boards:
  • Red – Raw Meats
  • Blue – Seafood
  • Yellow – Poultry
  • White – General
  • Green – Fruit and Vegetables
Also check the condition of your chopping board.  If you notice that your board is beginning to appear worn out, then it may probably be time to get a new one. By this time, you are more informed to pick out the suitable one for you.
Epicurean 15-by-11-Inch Non-Slip Gripper Cutting Board, Slate with Grey Silicone Grippers