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Ways to Enjoy Roasted Garlic

Set aside your newly roasted garlic to cool down a bit. Be sure it is still warm when serving. Use your fingers to squeeze out the now soft garlic out of their paper skins.
·           Spread roasted garlic onto bread dipped in olive oil or add it up to cream cheese
·           Use it on whatever pasta dish. Put some olive oil, broccoli and Parmesan cheese.
·           Use roasted garlic on your sauces like gravy, spaghetti sauce or on your salad dressing. You can likewise add it to mayonnaise or softened butter.
·           Roasted garlic substitutes the use of raw garlic on your favorite soup. The taste is greatly improved.
·           Add to any sort of cooked vegetables like broccoli,  asparagus, artichokes, greens and  on mashed potatoes
·           Relish it as is, squeeze out and pop one to your mouth.
1.         Should there be any extra roasted garlic, you can wrap it in foil, intact in its husk and put insude the fridge
2.         Squeeze them out from husk, store in a jar then add adequate olive oil to cover them. Place inside refrigerator. This will stretch its shelf life for about 4-5 days. Careful not to use after more than 5 days old of this roasted garlic and olive oil combined. Botulism toxin occurs in a few perfect conditions.
Before you indulge
There are no known health hazards or side effects for normal levels of garlic consumption. For those with tender stomach, ingesting garlic could lead to gastrointestinal distress. Frequent contact includes isolated cases of allergic skin reaction. Do not mix medicinal doses with high blood pressure medications or with blood thinners, including aspirin, taken for heart-attack prevention. Garlic’s anti-clotting action could lead to problems for those with existing clotting disorders.
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