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Tips on Using Your Leftover Brewed Coffee or Espresso

Coffee is among the world’s favorite beverages. There are times however, when there’s too much of a good thing, leftovers happen, even with good old brewed coffee. Don’t waste that precious beverage. Here are some of the many things that one can make with a leftover brewed coffee or espresso.

Save it Later Use
The simplest way to save your espresso is to store if for later, so you have an instant brewed coffee the moment you crave for the beverage. This is not implying that you should save your 5-day old coffee. No! If you do that, chances are that the flavor will be gone from the beverage by then. However, if you think that you likely will be craving for another serving in a few hours or anytime within a day, then you better save that coffee. After it has cooled down, simply put it in the refrigerator until your next use. This won’t hurt the flavor at all. Heat it up later through a steamer, not in the microwave, and you will still get that rich flavor to enjoy.

Flavor For Your Baked Goods
This may probably be one of the most uncommon methods, but several people actually use leftover brewed coffee, most particularly the espresso, for baking. One suggestion is to use it to bake brownies, cookies and cakes! Brownie and cake mixes that have an added touch of coffee flavor to the mixture will taste great. This goes well with other pastries, too. Naturally, the espresso mixture may be better off in a denser or chunkier batter just like those of the brownies mainly because it can hold the espresso better. Try experimenting with coffee in your baked goods and you may just create a unique coffee flavored pastry.

Use for Chilled Drinks
Another way to use leftover brewed coffee is in the beverages that you will have later. One suggestion that a lot of people use is to make coffee ice cubes. Coffee-flavored ice cubes can be an excellent addition to milk, vodka (mudshake), blended to become a frappe, or simply added to a cup of black coffee. Just because coffee is generally consumed as a hot beverage doesn’t mean that you are limited to what you are able to do with it.

All of these things are just a few of the ways in which brewed coffee can be used as leftovers. Be creative and enjoy!

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