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Recipe for Cheese Sauce in 20 Minutes or Less

Smooth, creamy cheese sauce is easy to make. To make cheese sauce you will need cheese, milk or cream, an acid such as lime juice, a starch such as flour and some butter. Different types of cheese are used to make each cheese sauce. For example, Asadero cheese, Monterey jack cheese and Chihuahua cheese are used to make Mexican white cheese sauce.
Cheese sauce can be served with cauliflower, broccoli and other vegetables, as well as steak, nachos, and macaroni.
Some of the popular types of cheese sauce are blue cheese sauce, Mexican white cheese sauce, and Parmesan cheese sauce. Mexican white cheese sauce is typically served with nachos, tortillas or chimichangas. Blue cheese sauce is served with beef and chicken. Parmesan cheese sauce is served with steamed vegetables, or pasta.
SharifaMcFarlane shows us how: